About Epiphany



Epiphany Jordan has done many things to pay the bills over the years, including legal assistant, advice columnist, professional tarot reader, cigarette girl (in the sizzle hot pants), bartender, cashier, journalist and keno runner. She is also the chief oxytocin provider at Karuna Sessions, (her sister business) and much of her current research centers around the importance of non-sexual touch… and how our world might improve with more of it.

The core belief that drives all of Epiphany’s work is that the masculine and the feminine are out of balance in the world. This is evident at every level of our existence, from our intimate relationships to business and politics to how we treat our planet. She also believes that much of our current evolution is in response to this conundrum, and that our survival depends on finding our way to a place of greater equality. We are experiencing upheavals in all areas of society, and nowhere is this more evident than in the arena of love, sex, relationships and intimacy.

As is fitting for a child of Muslim/Jewish/Catholic parents (no, really!), her spiritual studies have been varied and eclectic. She has been reading tarot cards for nearly 30 years, was the first clairvoyant graduate of the Reno Psychic Institute, did ritual with a crew of Dianic Wiccans, studied the qadishtu path of sacred sexuality at the Temple of the Red Lotus in Atlanta, and has been fascinated with Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory for ages. Science and spirituality co-exist quite nicely in her worldview, and she does her damnedest to learn from every person and situation that cross her path.

While enjoying a rock-n-roll lifestyle in San Francisco, she attended Burning Man for the first time in 1994, and became heavily involved in the festival and the community that sprung up around it. She volunteered in various roles in their communications department from 1998-2004. This also served as a crash course in social dynamics of alternative communities…and the problems they face. Her event-planning chops came from organizing 5-day campouts for 150 people (she has also been bestowed with a Ph.D. in Cat Herding for her efforts).

Epiphany is currently enjoying a monogamish relationship with a delightful man 11 years her junior (a Craigslist Casual Encounter gone VERY wrong). They are devoted to each other and their personal journeys, and frequently collaborate on projects.