Design a Ritual


• Are you undergoing a significant transition in your life and wanting to do something special to mark it?

• Are you needing some sort of closure or celebration more symbolic than crying alone at home or throwing a party?

• Would you like to create a deep, reflective experience to mark a passage that draws on the support of your community?

While you may attend certain types of rituals on a regular basis (weddings, funerals or awards, for instance), there are many other milestones that are more personal and intimate without traditional rituals attached. We can work together to create a deeply meaningful ritual for you that celebrates or commemorates:

• The loss of a romantic partner, pet, friend or family member

• The start of womanhood (onset of menstruation) or cronehood (menopause)

• Transitioning into another part of your life (graduation, moving to a different city, retirement, etc.)

• Blessing of a new home

• Bridal showers that don’t involve running around downtown with a veil, drinking cocktails through a penis straw