Why Do You Do What You Do?
I was called to this path in 2002, and found that it incorporated many of my values, beliefs, ideals and visions for the world. It is a wonderful way to meet people who would not normally cross my path, and perhaps inspire them to get a little bit further down their own paths.

What Exactly Do You Do?
Each person who comes to me has unique desires, needs, and boundaries. These will change from client to client and session to session. All of my interactions with clients are kept in strictest confidence. If you would like more information on what I offer, specifically, please see my services.

What Does A Typical Session Involve?
When you arrive at the temple, you will be greeted and honored. We will cover ground rules and we will discuss what you might want/need from your experience. And then, the session begins in earnest. We might talk, move, touch, create, grieve or laugh.

Who Are Your Clients?
My clients come from all walks of life. You would be surprised how many people are interested in making a connection between spirituality and sexuality.

I love to work with individuals of any gender who are kind and respectful, and interested in shifting/deepening their relationship with the Divine Feminine, their own inner feminine side and the feminine in others and the world at large.

Do I Have To Join A Church Or Belong To A Particular Religion?
I try to offer experiences, not hard and fast answers. How you integrate the experience into your life after you leave is entirely up to you. My own spiritual path is very individual, and I don’t have much interest in becoming a guru or having followers.

I am a believer in spiritual autonomy (that we are all spiritual beings, but “spiritual” means something different and unique for each person). If you are an atheist or an agnostic, I may not be the best fit for you, but there are a million things to talk about in the areas of love, sex and relationships that have nothing to do with spirituality.

What Qualifies You To Do This Work?
For years, people have been talking to me about their relationships and their sex lives. In my role of professional tarot reader, 95% of my clients ask questions concerning love and relationships. I’ve had a lot of opportunities to peek into human souls on a very intimate level.

I rely on experience, intuition, compassion and accumulated wisdom. I am not a trained therapist, doctor, or scientist. If you believe you need professional help, please seek it from somebody other than me. I also have a large database of doctors, healers and consultants, and am more than happy to refer.