What my fans are saying

I recently did a tarot reading for someone in Seattle, and she gave me this glowing review. Rather than trying to paraphrase and edit, I’ll reprint it here for you.


One of the sweetest, most powerful birthday gifts I’ve enjoyed this Jane-uary was a Tarot reading from Epiphany.

If you know me well, you know I live in the grey area between cold hard science and sympathetic magick woowoo. I love the Tarot because it gives you an opportunity to overlay your intuition about yourself onto a probably random arrangement of metaphors. It’s a powerful exercise that triggers fresh ways of thinking about familiar things, teasing out ideas that are hiding under your empirical mind. Is it governed by spiritual forces? That’s up to you to decide.

Working with Epiphany makes the already powerful experience of a reading even richer. She has extraordinary intuition and emotional intelligence that I think comes from an innate talent for understanding people combined with the rich lessons of a life well adventured. The insights she brought to the reading felt absolutely true and added so much to my understanding of my midlife path.

I wholeheartedly recommend getting a reading from her. She’s in Austin, but our reading via Skype was almost like being in the room together.