The Temple is a sanctuary and an oasis located in central east Austin. The eclectically designed interior features original, one-of-a-kind artwork and offers a calming, peaceful respite from the noise of the world. It provides a safe, comfortable environment in which you may relax and rejuvenate.

Blue Star Temple takes its name from a tradition I learned of from a friend who grew up in Iowa. When my friend was a kid, there was a program called Blue Star Homes. If she came home from school and her parents were still at work, she could go to a house that displayed the Blue Star Home sign. There, the mom would feed her a snack and watch her until her parents came home.

I love this idea, and it fits in with my own concept of providing a safe harbor to nurture people who come into my space. One of the most prominent archetypes of the goddess was that of mother, and I want to bring this, above all, to those who have not previously had contact with the Divine Feminine.

Services Offered

Blue Star Temple is pleased to offer a variety of services to appease the needs of our clientele.