Cross-dress For Success


• Do you crave a feminization partner?

• Do you like to look into her closet and play dress-up?

• Are you seeking a safe, non-judgmental space to express your inner woman?

• Need an understanding female to answer questions about femininity?

Many men, regardless of sexual preference, long to experience life as a woman, if even for a little while. I can help you figure out whether your vision is as simple as wearing a skirt, being a full-on, fabulous drag queen, or something elsewhere on that spectrum. I’m happy to assist you with all aspects of this adventure, from shopping to styling to playing dress up.

Prior to being accepted as a client for cross-dressing services, you must agree to a meeting in a public place.

NOTE: This service is for dressing up, and does not include any sexual activities whatsoever.

    $60/hr with (4) hour minimum.
Price does not include costs for clothing, makeup, etc.