“If you are getting married, be it traditional or non-traditional, Epiphany is a must have at your side. I had no idea such a small wedding would have so many details. Epiphany helped in everything, from its conception to reception. I could never have pulled it off without her help. I am so grateful for her services. Do yourself a favor and hire Epiphany for your ceremony. I guarantee she will think of things you haven’t and help you create something truly sacred and memorable.”
– BLV, Austin, TX, writer

“The word that comes to mind first with Epiphany’s Tarot readings is authentic. She is not in the business of forecasting the future and she’ll tell you that right away. The emotional intelligence is in the reading of a situation and her guidance has me feel a certain ownership and empowerment around my question at hand. She gives a great perspective taking into account the different angles. I walk away knowing I always have choice, but having an objective overview can only shed some light on my path.”
– W.C., Media Director, Austin, TX

“Relationships and matters of the heart are often messy. And in this world which places so much value on the primacy of intellect, Epiphany does a fantastic job of creating space, both physically and psychologically, for a moment of clarity in addressing the multi-layered  intellectual, emotional and physical energy of connection. Her sharp insight and objective perspectives are balanced by her kind heart & creative approaches to finding beauty in life as it is. My temple session with Epiphany was exactly what I needed. I’ve been dealing with a lot of complex issues with my wife and friends, and was getting close to drowning in them. For me, she was an active listener, giving me her full attention and asking the right questions to clarify exactly what was happening. She didn’t try to offer any pat, simple answers, instead sharing similar troubles and how she got through them. It clarified my options, and and what the key decisions were that I would have to make. I highly recommend it.”
– H.S., Tech Support Representative, Austin, TX

“Thanks so much for lending us your lovely cottage. We had a beautiful time. Like you said, the sexual energy was phenomenal. Just what we needed. Again, thank you.”
– M.M., Teacher, Albuquerque, NM

“The Blue Star Temple is an establishment where you can take a therapeutic time-out for yourself, find safe and nurturing comfort and begin to re-evaluate the choices you make in your life so that you can start to steer down the path you’d rather be on with a bit more skill & ease.”
KP, Massage Therapist, Austin, TX

“Sometimes in this world, we need a space that we can simply step away from the mental static and jarring details of our reality. The Blue Star Temple provides a place where the confines of the temporal world drop away, and open space for healing and spiritual exploration can be found. It is a nurturing retreat from the chaos of urban living, where you can step away from your cynical self and access your own rejuvenating resources. As a healer, Epiphany is an intuitive and empathic guide. She excels at laying the bones out and letting her clients find and make meaning from their experience. She is more of a facilitator than a director of her sessions, and her ability to feel out what her clients need (when maybe they don’t even know) makes her a powerful ally and practitioner.”
– A.C., Sound Engineer, Austin, TX

“The day I was laid off from my job I felt that I was hit by a truck. I felt a ton of guilt as well as fear for my financial and karmic future. I went to Epiphany for help. She held me as I cried and told me everything would be okay. She made me feel safe and secure as if I was with my own mother. She gave me a tarot reading and performed a psychic cleansing on me. We talked for hours. I left with a different perspective than I had going in. I conceived my son that night and did get my fresh start on life. I am very grateful for the gift that Epiphany has given me.”
– M.B., Executive Assistant, Austin, TX

“Epiphany and Blue Star Temple offer a relaxing sanctuary for rejuvenation and exploration. Epiphany’s tarot readings are insightful, and she does a great job of creating a peaceful space for heart, mind, and body integration.”
– M.R., Teacher, Austin, TX

“I met Epiphany 6 months ago and I will never be the same. She did not make the changes for me, but she helped me make sure I was heading in the right direction and reminded me I was strong enough to heal. She has opened my eyes to a world of beauty, art, self-love and, most importantly, happiness. Thank you Epiphany, I could never repay you for all you have done for me.”
– B.L., IT Consultant, Austin, TX